Dr. Lisa Taylor shares why she is motivated to ride for Merritt and the Merritt’s Way Team this Saturday, September 26 in the Rodman Ride for Kids. 

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“Why I Ride for Merritt” by Dr. Lisa Taylor

Why I Ride for Merritt.


That was the one thing I remember feeling – helpless. The night we first heard about Merritt’s accident my husband and eldest son sat huddled together on the stairs in our house and there was nothing we could do.  Just sit and wait for news.

But it was the most unbelievable outcome and that helplessness was twisted with grief and anger.  Because Merritt was such a remarkable person, it made the loss felt even deeper.

Through their remarkable strength and clarity, the Levitan’s helped us by giving us focus and purpose.  And hope.

That’s why I Ride for Merritt.


Merritt, Muppy and GangHartley Bingham, Merritt Levitan, Muppy Mendelsohn (Dr. Lisa Taylor’s youngest son), Cole Bingham and Joe Levitan – Sugarbush Vermont – Winter 2013

Dr. Lisa Taylor first met Merritt and the Levitans at Sugarbush Mountain in Vermont where the two families often skied together, shared cherished winter weekends and celebrated family holidays.

A mother of three boys, Dr. Taylor resides in Falmouth, Massachusetts and practices at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Plymouth. She is a member of Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians (HMF) at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

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