One of Merritt’s best friends Hartley Bingham shares why she is motivated to ride for Merritt and the Merritt’s Way Team this Saturday, September 26 in the Rodman Ride for Kids. 

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Why I Ride for Merritt by Hartley Bingham

Hart & Merritt

Hartley Bingham and Merritt Levitan in Vermont – Winter 2013 – Having a Snowball Fight

I ride to show that a post, a snapchat, a text message, whatever you do in those 4 measly seconds are completely meaningless; especially when the only response you get is someone’s life.

I ride in order to understand and to feel the happiness, freedom, and fresh air that my best friend felt during her final weeks. I ride because Merritt and I will never be able to do something that all best friends should be able to do: stay up late and swap stories of the summer before our freshmen year in college. What did you see, who did you meet, what was something you loved, what was something you hated? Each of us painstakingly trying to experience exactly what the other had experienced. Because, that’s what best friends do, they want to be inseparable. And when they can’t, each soaks up as many details as they can, so that at least in their minds it feels like they were together. I ride to saturate myself with answers to the many questions that I have for Merritt. By the end of the ride, I want to feel like my mind just ate a Thanksgiving dinner; completely stuffed, but always ready for another slice of pie.

I ride because, well, why not? Why not spend the day surrounded by love, laughter and spandex?

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