A “TextLess” Homecoming Game at Middlebury College

This past Saturday, October 17, the Middlebury Women’s Soccer Team designated their homecoming game against Trinity College to TextLess Live More. The team was presented with the idea for a TextLess game this past March, and was eager to take in on.

Prior to kickoff, an announcement was made by a TextLess representative explaining the mission of the campaign, and that the game was a “TextLess” game. All fans were encouraged to either turn off their phones completely, or put them in airplane mode in order to enjoy the company of the other fans, cheer for the team, and be completely present for the soccer game. There were blue bracelets, bumper and phone stickers being handed out, and, as they walked by, students were signing the TextLess Live More pledge board.

The Middlebury Panthers won their game 3-0.


TextLess Live More is thrilled to have expanded their ability to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving at sports games. If at all interested in getting your own sports team involved in TextLess Live More in any way, please contact: [email protected]