On Saturday, September 23, 43 members of  “Team Merritt’s Way” will gather to ride 25, 50 or 100 miles as part of the Rodman Ride, an annual Boston-based cycling event in which Merritt’s Way has participated in since 2013.

Joe Levitan (right), now age 18 and Merritt’s younger brother, will ride with his dad Rich Levitan (left) and 42 members of “Team Merritt’s Way” for the 1st time since losing his sister Merritt to a distracted driver on July 3, 2013.

Four years ago on July 3, 2013, Joe lost his eldest sister Merritt to a distracted driver who was texting behind-the-wheel. His effervescent, brilliant, caring 18-year old older sister, with a bright future ahead of her, lost her life in just four seconds of texting.

Joe, Merritt and Hunter Levitan – 2012

Joe rides for Merritt’s Way and TextLess Live More, a student-led national awareness campaign to educate young people about the dangers of distracted driving and save lives, founded in Merritt’s memory. TextLess Live More continues to grow and build momentum across communities, schools, groups and organizations.

For more information on “Team Merritt’s Way” or to donate to Joe or a fellow rider, please go to this link http://trinity.kintera.org/faf/search/searchTeamPart.asp?ievent=1172237&team=6949505

Together we can end distracted driving and save lives!